Highlights from our Autograph Collection

5 Years ago we started collecting Autographs from all over the World. Here we present a small selection of our 'Treasures'. We especially collect Autographs signed on Pictures we took ourselves of which we have more then 700. But we have more then 5000 other Autographs on various Trading and Autograph Cards, Pictures, Pucks, Shirts and others. Please visit our different sections

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Rici and Dan


*AdA Arbeitsgemeinschft der Autographensammler e.V.


Our biggest Successes!


Brian Johnson Singer AC/DC, Charlie Duke 10th Moonwalker with Dotty, Brian May Guitarist of Quenn, Daphne Schippers Track + Field, Tina Turner Music, Robert Wilson Nobel Laureate, Sophia Loren Actress, Wendy Holdener Ski, Marcel Hirscher Ski, Michail Gorbatchev President of Russia, Jimmy Carter US President/Nobel Laureate, Niklas Backstrom Hockey, Nigel Mansell  Formula 1, Fred Haise Apollo 13, Al Worden Apollo 15

Autographes on our Photos, Photos bought at Dreamstime or CD Booklet

What hit the Mailbox in 2019


Yury Usachov Cosmonaut, Helen Sharman Astronaut, Kip Thorne Noble Laureate, Anni-Frid Lyngstad ABBA, Brian Schmidt Nobel Laureate, Jadon Sancho Soccer, May-Britt Moser Nobel Laureate, Ryan Spooner Hockey, Sami Kapanen Hockey, Matt Fraser Hockey, Rosie Brennan Crosscountry

not shown:

Gerhard Bartels



Kirst Novoselic Nirvana, Maya Dahlqvist Crosscountry, Oleg Artemyev Cosmonaut, Valery Polyakov Cosmonaut, Federico Pellegrino Cross Country, Brigit Rückert Author, Mo Farah 5000m + 10'000m

In Person:

Mutaz Essa Barshim High Jump, Ernest John Obiena Pole Vault, Armand Lavilenie Pole Vault, Armand Duplantis Pole Vault, Sandie Morris Pole Vault, Ekatarini Stefanidi Pole Vault, Alysha Newman Pole Vault



Jordan Eberle Hockey, Max Verstappen Formula 1, Asafa Powell 100m (in Person), Vladimir Shatalov Cosmonaut, Sergei Revin Cosmonaut, Oleg Novitzki Cosmonaut, Chad Channing Drummer Nirvana, Ebba Andersson Cross Country

not shown: Richard Arnold Astronaut, Talghat Mussabajev Cosmonaut, Sergei Volkov Cosmonaut

Met at Starmus V

Walt Cunningham Apollo 7, Gerry Griffin Flight Controller, Al Worden Apollo 15, Robert Williams Hubble Deep Field, Brian Eno Roxy Music, Chris Hadfield Astronaut, Bryan May Guitarist from Queen, Kip Thorne Nobel Laureate, Michel Mayor Astronomie Professor, Armen Sarkissjan President of Armenia, Todd Miller Film Director Apollo 11, Tony Fadell Mr. iPod, Bob Smith CEO Blue origin, Jill Tater former Director of SETI, Brian Schmidt Nobel Laureate,  Long Xiao Chinese Space Programm, Elizabeth Blackburn Nobel Laureate, Gennadi Padalka/Juri Baturin Cosmonauts, Donna Strickland Nobel Laureate, Charlie Duke Apollo 16 with Dotty Duke, John Logdson Historian, Robert Wilson Nobel Laureate, Steve Vai Guitarist, May-Britt Moser Nobel Laureate, Alan Stern Planetary Scientist, George Smoot Nobel Laureate, Barry Barish Nobel Laureate

June :

Nico Hischier Hockey, Marie Petilä Holmner Ski, Alexander Viktorenko Cosmonaut, Andrei Borisenko Cosmonaut, Chris Smalling Football, Elisbeth Schicho Cross Country, Teresa Stadlober Cross Country, Evelina Settlin Cross Country, Tracy Caldwell-Dyson Astronaut, Marii Liisa Roponen Cross Country, Robert Thirsk Astronaut

Not shown: Barry Gibb (Bee Gees) Music, James Van Hoften Astronaut, Roberta Bondar Astronaut, Kathryn Dwyer Sullivan Astronaut

 May :

John Blue Hockey, Kiefer Sutherland Actor/Musician, Anders Lindbäck Hockey, Sam Durrance Astronaut, Kevin Kregel Astronaut

Not shown: Steve Guerdat olympic Champion individual jumping, Thommy Thayer KISS Guitar, Stephen Hawley Astronaut, Pedro Duque Astronaut/Spanish Minister, Boris Volynov Cosmonaut, Otto German Comedian, Ian Anderson Jethro Tull

April :

Duane Carey Astronaut, Anatoly Filipchenko Cosmonaut, Raheem Sterling Football, Brian Johnson Singer AC/DC, Tom Stafford Apollo 10, Richard Garriott astronaut, Emma Bunton Spice Girls, Ferenc Pavlics NASA LRV engineer, Steve Morabito Bicycle Racer, Noddy Holder Muscian (Slade), Aleksandr Aleksandrov Cosmonaut, Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen Cross Country

not shown: John Stones Football, Alexander Gerst Astronaut, Bryan Ferry Musician, Waleri Fjodorowitsch Bykowski Cosmonaut (died 27.03.2019)

March :

Bruce Dickinson Singer of Iron Maiden, Waleri Iwanowitsch Tokarew Cosomonaut, Blaze Baley former Singer of Iron Maiden 1994-1999, Viola Amherd Swiss Minister of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport, Lukas von Deschwanden Handball, Jerome Apt Astronaut, Dido Singer, Fränzi Aufdenblatten Skier, Viktor Afanasyev Cosmonaut, Victor Savinykh Cosmonaut, John Creighton Astronaut, Kevin Klein Hockey, Mike Craig Hockey


Simon Ammann Ski Jumper, Nikola Portner Handball, Alen Milosevic Handball, Martin Suter Handball, Deborah Compagnoni Ski, Dennis Everberg Hockey, Woody Spring Astronaut, Winston Scott Astronaut, Nita Talbot Actor,  Ruth Bourne WWII Enigma Encoder, Don Mallick Test Pilot, Philip Lahm Football/Soccer, Lloyd Blaine Hammond Astronaut, Peer Gessle Music Roxette, Karin Keller Sutter Swiss Minister of Police and Justice

Not Shown: Earl Holliman Actor, Steve Maclean Astronaut, Jim Craig Hockey, Guy Lapointe HOF Hockey, Owen Garriott Astronaut, James Adamson Astronaut


Jake Garn Astronaut, Lenny Rubin Handball, Laurien Van der Graaff Cross Country, Jay Buckey Astronaut, Mark Brown Astronaut, David Hilmers Astronaut, Bode Miller Skier, Stephan Lambiel Figure Skater, Michael Good Astronaut, Samantha Cristoforetti Astronaut, Felix Baumgartner Stratosphere Jumper, Stephen Bowen Astronaut, Pamela Dutkewicz Track and Field, Haris Witolinsch Hockey Coach, Michael Lopez-Alegria Astronaut, Marvin Lier Handball, Magnus Nygren Hockey, Anton Rödin Hockey, Perttu Lindgren Hockey, Billy Squier Rock Muscian

Not Shown: Yuri Malentschenko Cosmonaut, Liselotte Pulver Actor, Michael Clifford Astronaut, Carl Walz Astronaut

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