Highlights from our Autograph Collection

7 Years ago we started collecting Autographs from all over the World. Here we show a selection of our 'Treasures'. We especially collect Autographs signed on Pictures we took ourselves of which we have more than 800. But we have more then 5000 other Autographs on various Trading and Autograph Cards, Pictures, Pucks, Shirts and others. Please visit our different sections

 and have a look around. We are Member of AdA*



Rici and Dan


*AdA Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Autographensammler e.V.


Our biggest Successes!


Brian Johnson Singer AC/DC (&), Charlie Duke 10th Moonwalker with Dotty (*), Brian May Guitarist of Queen (*), Daphne Schippers Track + Field (&), Tina Turner Music (&), Robert Wilson Nobel Laureate (*), Sophia Loren Actress (&), Wendy Holdener Ski (&), Marcel Hirscher Ski (&), Michail Gorbatchev President of Russia (&), Jimmy Carter US President/Nobel Laureate (&), Niklas Backstrom Hockey (&), Nigel Mansell  Formula 1 (&), Fred Haise Apollo 13 (&), Al Worden Apollo 15 (*)

Autographes on our Photos, Photos bought at Dreamstime or on CD Booklet, collected in Person (*) or via Mail (&)

What hit the Mailbox in 2020 and who we met

Our Starmus V Article in 'Autographensammler' 4/19
Our Article we wrote on Starmus V published in the Autographensammler 4/2109 134. Edition
Starmus V.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.3 MB



Mark Wells Hockey, Tomas Vokoun Hockey, David Silva Football, George Zamka Astronaut, Maksim Surayev Cosmonaut, Dan Akroyd 'Blues Brothers', Ben Maxwell Hockey, Mark Streit Hockey, Eberhard Köllner Cosmonaut, Saku Koivu Hockey, Franky Zapata Flyboard Channel Crossing, Kevin Clark Hockey

Not Shown:

     Jeffrey Hoffman Astronaut, Janick Steinmann Hockey, Björn Borg Tennis

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