Highlights from our Autograph Collection

8 Years ago we started collecting Autographs from all over the World. Here we show a selection of our 'Treasures'. We especially collect Autographs signed on Pictures we took ourselves of which we have more than 1000. But we have more than 6000 other Autographs on various Trading and Autograph Cards, Pictures, Pucks, Shirts and others. Please visit our different sections

 and have a look around. We are Member of AdA* and CdA '94**



Rici and Dan


*AdA Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Autographensammler e.V. and **Club der Autogrammsammler 1994 e.V.


Our biggest Successes!


Cartoon painted by Ron Ferdinand (&), Brian Johnson Singer AC/DC (&), Charlie Duke 10th Moonwalker with Dotty (*), Brian May Guitarist of Queen (*), Tina Turner Music (&), Robert Wilson Nobel Laureate (*), Sophia Loren Actress (&), Wendy Holdener Ski (&), Marcel Hirscher Ski (&), Michail Gorbatchev President of Russia (&), Jimmy Carter US President/Nobel Laureate (&), Niklas Backstrom Hockey (&), Nigel Mansell  Formula 1 (&), Fred Haise Apollo 13 (&), Al Worden T Apollo 15 (*), Craig MacTavish NHL Player + Head Coach (&), Horst Eckel Wunder von Bern 1954 (&)

Autographes on our Photos, Photos bought at Dreamstime or on CD Booklet, collected in Person (*) or via Mail (&)

What hit the Mailbox in 2021 and who we met


Matt Hendriks (Hockey), Zoey Clark (Track+Field), Ottmar Hitzfeld (Soccer/Football), Luca Parmitagno (Astronaut), Cliff Richard (Music), Pete Townsend (The Who), Bev Bevan (Electric Light Orchestra), Gitanas  Nauseda (President of Lithuania), Hugo Broch (Fighter Pilot), Christina Schiffner Heinich (Track+Field), Chuck Royston (NASA), Bruce Hornsby (Music), Marcel Mueller (Hockey)

not shown:

Richard Ernst (Nobel Prize), Dominic Thiem (Tennis), Christine Nüsslein-Vollhard (Nobel Prize), Mickey Gilley (Country Music), Brad Park (HOF Hockey)


Ernst Messerschmid (Astronaut), Kersti Kaljulaid (President of Estonia), Richard Roberts (Nobel Prize), Gerhard Berger (Formula 1), Gustav Thoni (Skier), Roger Glover (Deep Purple), Klaus von Klitzing (Nobel Prize), Steve Konroyd (Hockey), Phillip Danault (Hockey), Eric Perrin (Hockey), Tom 'Bones' Malone (Blues Brothers Band), Al Jardine (Beach Boys), Karl Wendlinger (Formula 1), Nena (Music), Shirley Bassey (Music), Dave Ellett (Hockey), Branko Radovojevic (Hockey), Chris Chelios (Hockey), Bill Wyman (Music), Thomas McCollum (Hockey), Ian Paice (Deep Purple), Brian Hayworth (Hockey), Randy McKay (Hockey), Doug Gilmour (Hockey), Harry Markowitz (Nobel Prize), Nicole P. Stott (Astronaut), Daniel Kahneman (Nobel Prize)

not shown:

James Peebles (Nobel Prize), Oliver Hart (Nobel Prize), Rita Sussmuth (Former German President), Michael Brown (Nobel Prize), Justin Abdelkader (Hockey), Joachim Frank (Nobel Prize), Pam Shirver (Tennis), Barry Marshall (Nobel Price), H. Robert Horvitz (Nobel Price), Brian Kobilka (Nobel Prize), Edith McGuire (Track + Field), Eugene Fama (Nobel Prize), Geraldine Chaplin (Actress), Bengt Samuelsson (Nobel Prize), Paul Modrich (Hockey), Charles Rice (Nobel Prize), Arjen Robben (Football/Soccer), Liv Ullman (Actress), Mark Blundell (Formula 1)


Tony Banks (Music Genesis), Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister Canada, autopen), Simon Niepmann (Rowing, Olympia Gold), Mick Schumacher (Formula 1), John Gurdon (Nobel Prize), Scott Pearson (Hockey), Roy Bridges (Astronaut), Peter Agre (Nobel Prize), John Blaha (Astronaut), Tommy Holloway (NASA Space Station Program Manager), David Baltimore (Nobel Prize), Venki Ramakrishnan (Nobel Prize), Fred Haise (Apollo 13), Scott Millican (NASA Lunar Surface Checklist), Shelby Jacobs (NASA Project Manager), Troy Murray (Hockey), Peter Ratcliffe (Nobel Prize), John Dykstra (Star Wars Special Effects), Mick Avory (The Kinks, Music), Julie Payette (Astronaut, Governor General of Canada), Martti Athasaari (Nobel Prize)

not shown:

Marit Lange (Shot Put), Vix Seixas (Tennis), Sidney Guttierrez (Astronaut), Susan Sarandon (Actress), Steve Shutt (HOF Hockey), Brian Josephson (Nobel Prize), Valentin Lebedev (Cosmonaut), Madeleine Albright (US Politician), Michael Foale (Astronaut)


Steve Kasper (Hockey), Byron Lichtenberg (Astronaut), Gloria Estefan (Latin Music), Guy Parmelin (Swiss President), Patrick Craig (Hockey, Miracle on Ice), Selina Gasparin (Biathlon), Karl Odermatt (Soccer), John Cougar Mellencamp (Music), Darrin Shannon (Hockey), Ken Hammond (Hockey), Roald Hoffman (Nobel Prize), Mark Arcobello (Hockey), Dave Christian (Hockey, Miracle on Ice), Kevin Todd (Hockey), Tomas Kaberle (Hockey), DJ Antoine (Music), Mark Osborne (Hockey), Tony Livers (Cross Country), Jean-Pierre Sauvage (Nobel Prize)


not shown:

Suzana Caputova (Slovakian President), Marcus Nilsson (Hockey), Ruta Lee (Actress), Ilja Tschernoussow (Biathlon), Richard Henderson (Nobel Prize), John Harrington (Hockey, Miracle on Ice), Linda Evans (Actor),
Kevin Petty (Motorsport), John Kerry (US Politican), Dieter Burdenski (Football/Soccer), Paul Berg (Nobel Price), Richard Fimmel (Pioneer 10 NASA)

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