Best of from our Autograph Collection

5 Years ago we started collecting Autographs from all over the World. Here we present a small selection of our 'Treasures'. We especially collect Autographs signed on Pictures we took ourselves of which we have more then 600. But we have more then 4500 other Autographs on various Trading and Autograph Cards, Pictures, Pucks, Shirts and others. Please visit our different sections to the left and have a look around.



Rici and Dan


Our biggest Successes!


Daphne Schippers Track + Field, Tina Turner Music, Sophia Loren Actress, Wendy Holdener Ski, Marcel Hirscher Ski, Michail Gorbatchev President of Russia, Jimmy Carter US President, Niklas Backstrom Hockey, Nigel Mansell  Formula 1, Fred Haise Apollo 13

Autographes on our Photos, Photos bought at Dreamstime or CD Booklet

What hit the Mailbox in 2019

March :

Bruce Dickinson Singer of Iron Maiden, Waleri Iwanowitsch Tokarew Cosomonaut, Blaze Baley former Singer of Iron Maiden 1994-1999, Viola Amherd Swiss Minister of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport, Lukas von Deschwanden Handball, Jerome Apt Astronaut, Dido Singer, Fränzi Aufdenblatten Skier, Viktor Afanasyev Cosmonaut


Simon Ammann Ski Jumper, Nikola Portner Handball, Alen Milosevic Handball, Martin Suter Handball, Deborah Compagnoni Ski, Dennis Everberg Hockey, Woody Spring Astronaut, Winston Scott Astronaut, Nita Talbot Actor,  Ruth Bourne WWII Enigma Encoder, Don Mallick Test Pilot, Philip Lahm Football/Soccer, Lloyd Blaine Hammond Astronaut, Peer Gessle Music Roxette, Karin Keller Sutter Swiss Minister of Police and Justice

Not Shown: Earl Holliman Actor, Steve Maclean Astronaut, Jim Craig Hockey, Guy Lapointe HOF Hockey, Owen Garriott Astronaut, James Adamson Astronaut


Jake Garn Astronaut, Lenny Rubin Handball, Laurien Van der Graaff Cross Country, Jay Buckey Astronaut, Mark Brown Astronaut, David Hilmers Astronaut, Bode Miller Skier, Stephan Lambiel Figure Skater, Michael Good Astronaut, Samantha Cristoforetti Astronaut, Felix Baumgartner Stratosphere Jumper, Stephen Bowen Astronaut, Pamela Dutkewicz Track and Field, Haris Witolinsch Hockey Coach, Michael Lopez-Alegria Astronaut, Marvin Lier Handball, Magnus Nygren Hockey, Anton Rödin Hockey, Perttu Lindgren Hockey, Billy Squier Rock Muscian

Not Shown: Yuri Malentschenko Cosmonaut, Liselotte Pulver Actor, Michael Clifford Astronaut, Carl Walz Astronaut

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