Mikhail Gorbachev Autograph Michail Gorbatschov Autogramm
Mikhail Gorbachev 1931, former President of the UdSSR, 'Father' of the Strategy of glasnost and perstroika, ended the Cold War, Picture bought at Dreamstime, Autograph by Mail

Armen Sarkissjan Armenia, President of Armenia (2018-), Professor of Physics at Cambridge, Autograph received when met at Starmus 2019 in Zürich and Picture taken there and received back sigend by Mail

Autograph Stevo Penderovski Autogramm
H. E. Stevo Pendarovski, President of the Republic of North Macedonia, was assistent Professor at the University American College at Skopje, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Otto von Habsburg Autogramm
Otto von Habsburg (1912-2011), oldest Son of the last Kaiser of Austria and King of Hungary, Crown Prince of Austria, Hungary, Bohemia, Dalmatia, Croatia, Slavonia, Galicia, and Lodomeria, served 22 Years as Member of the European Parlament, Autograph bought with COA
Autogramm Ban Ki-Moon Autograph
Ban Ki-Moon, 8th Secretary General of the United Nations, Autograph bought with COA
Milos Zeman Autograph Autogramm
Miloš Zeman (1944) President of the Czech Republic, was Prime Minister of the Czech Republic (1998-2002), Autograph by Mail
Autograph Egil Levits Autogramm
Egil Levits, President of Latvia, was Member of the European Court of Justice and Minister of Justice of Latvia, Autograph by Mail
Autograph George Vella Autogramm
George Vella, President of Malta since 2019, Medical Doctor, Member of the Malta Labour Party, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Janos Ader Autogramm
Janos Ader, President Hungary since 2012, Member of Fidesz, Lawyer, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Carlos Moedas Autogramm
Carlos Moedas. Portuguese, Former European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation 2014-2019, Autograph by Mail