Autograph Gordon Cooper Autogramm
Gordon Cooper (March 6, 1927 - October 2004) USA, flew with Mercury-Atlas 9 1963 22 around the World, 1965 with Gemini 5 190 hours in Space, Backup Commander for Apollo 10, Autograph bought with COA
Autograph Scott Carpenter Autogramm
Scott Carpenter (May 1, 1925 – October 10, 2013), flew with Mercury Atlas 7 3 Times around the world and landed 400km away from USS Intrepid which rescued him, was involved in construction of the Apollo Lunar Modul, Autograph bought with COA
Autograph John Glenn Autogramm
John Glenn (July 1921- December 2016), flew 1962 with Mercury Atlas 6 3 Times around the World, with STS-95 he went back into Space 1998 as the oldest human beeing with the age of 77, Autograph bought with COA
Georg von Thiesenhausen Autograph Autogramm
Georg Heinrich Patrick Baron von Tiesenhausen (1914-2018) US German Engineer, worked with Wernher von Braun on V2, after the war at NASA on Redstone Rockets, 'Father of the Lunar Rover' for the Apollo mission, Autograph by Mail
Autogramm Gene Kranz Autograph
Eugene 'Gene' Kranz, NASA Flight Director during the Gemini and Apollo Programm, Flight Director for Apollo 11 and Apollo 13, he retired 1994 from NASA as Director Mission Operations, he sent the Foundation of Misson Command, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Gerry Griffin Autogramm
Gerry D. Griffin, NASA Flight director, Flight Controller during the Gemini Program, Flight Director on all Apollo flights, Key Role when bringing back Apollo 13 after the explosion on Board, awarded Presidental Medal of Freedom, met at Starmus V 2019, Picture taken at Kennedy Space Center
Autograph Scott Millican Autogramm
Scott Millican, NASA Engineer, 1969, developped the Lunar Surface Checklist and trained astronauts for the procedures for Apollo Missions 11 to 17, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Don Mallick Autogramm
Donald Mallick, NASA Test Pilot, flew the YF-12 and XB-70A, was Chief Project Pilot for Apollo's Lunar Landing Research Vehicle (LLRV), heavily involved in developping the Piloting Procedures for the LLRV, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Brooks Moore Autogramm
Brooks Moore (1926), was Director of Guidance and Control Division at Marshall Space Flight Center, started to work with Wernher von Braun in the fifties on the Redstone Rockets, Autograph by Mail