Mercury Seven

The 'Mercury Seven' or ‚Original Seven‘ were the first US Astronauts (Astronaut Group 1) chosen from 110 Test Pilots in 1959. All of them flew with the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and Space Shuttle Programms. They were portrayed in the mini series ‚the Right Stuff‘ in 2020 and in Movie ‚the Right Stuff‘ 1983.

The Mercury Seven:

Standing: Alan Shepard, Wally Schirra (signed), John Glenn

Seated: Gus Grissom, Scott Carpenter, Deke Slayton, Gordon Cooper

Picture: from NASA, Autograph bought with COA


Autograph Alan Shepard Autogramm
Alan Shepard (1923-1998), first US Astronaut in Space, Mission Mercury-Redstone 3 with Spaceship Freedom 7, Commander of Apollo 14, 5th and oldest Moonwalker, autographed Book bought with COA
Autograph Virgil Gus Grissom Autogramm
Virgil 'Gus' Grissom (1926-1967), 3rd Man in Space for 16 min with the Mercury-Redstone 4, Gemini 3, died during a Launch Rehearsal Test for the Apollo 1 Flight when the Commando Module caught Fire 1967, Autograph bought with COA
Autograph John Glenn Autogramm
John Glenn (1921- 2016), flew 1962 with Mercury-Atlas 6 3 Times around the World, with STS-95 he went back into Space 1998 as the by then oldest human beeing in Space with the age of 77, Autograph bought with COA
Autograph Scott Carpenter Autogramm
Scott Carpenter (1925 – 2013), flew with Mercury-Atlas 7 3 Times around the world and landed 400km away from USS Intrepid which rescued him, was involved in construction of the Apollo Lunar Modul, Autograph bought with COA
Autograph Wally Schirra Autogramm
Walter 'Wally' M. Schirra (1923 – 2007), he flew 3 times as part of the Mercury-Atlas 8, Gemini 6 and Apollo 7 Programm and spent 12 days in Space, his Family emigrated 1868 from the Onsernone Valley in Ticino Switzerland, bought with COA
Autograph Gordon Cooper Autogramm
Gordon Cooper (1927 - 2004), flew with Mercury-Atlas 9 1963 22 around the World, 1965 with Gemini 5 190 hours in Space, Backup Commander for Apollo 10, Autograph bought with COA
Autograph Deke Slayton Autogramm
Deke Slayton (1924-1993), due to heart problems flight clearance was removed and he became Chief of the Astronaut Office, got clearence for his only Flight with the ‚Apollo Sojuz Test Project‘ 1975, Autograph bought with COA

Autograph Chris Kraft Autogramm
Chris Kraft (1924-2019), was working for NACA (later NASA), founded Mission Control, Mercury Flight Director, then Director of Flight Operations and of Director of the Manned Spacecraft Center (later Johnson Space Center), Autograph bought with COA