Millions of People are and were involved in the different Space Programms. Here we  present IKARUS Pictures signed by People who helped to make Space Flights happen.

!!! Thank you all very much !!!

Mission Control

Autogramm Gene Kranz Autograph
Eugene 'Gene' Kranz, NASA Flight Director during the Gemini and Apollo Programm, Flight Director for Apollo 11 and Apollo 13, he retired 1994 from NASA as Director Mission Operations, Autograph by Mail

Gerry D. Griffin, NASA Flight Director, Flight Controller during the Gemini Program, lead Flight Director for Apollo 12/14/17, Key Role when bringing back Apollo 13 after the explosion on Board, Ikarus signed in Person, Picture taken at Starmus 2019 and signed by Mail

Autograph Glynn S. Lunney Autogramm
Glynn S. Lunney, NASA Flight Director, Flight Director Gemini 9-12, During the Apollo Programm working Shifts on 7 Flights, Heavily involved in bringing Apollo 13 back, Director on Apollo-Soyuz and Start of the Space Shuttle Programm, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Milton Windler Autogramm
Milton Windler, NASA Flight Director for Apollo 8, Apollo 10, Apollo 11, Apollo 14, Apollo 15, and all three Skylab missions, played a Key Role when bringing back Apollo 13 after the explosion on Board, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Bill Moon Autogramm
Bill Moon, Flight Controller (EECOM) in the Mission Control Center Houston for the Apollo Program, Apollo-Soyuz Test Program, Skylab Program, Space Lab Program and several different positions in the Space Shuttle Program, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Steve Bailes Autogramm
Steve Bales, Guidance Officer (short GUIDO) during the Apollo 11 Moon landing, took the decision to proceed with the landing approach when the computer signaled 'overflow', Autograph by Mail
Autograph Ed Fendell Autogramm
Ed Fendell, Head of Communications Systems Section, Flight Control Division during Apollo 11, filmed the take off of Apollo 11 mission module remote, worked on Skylab/Shuttle Missions later on, helped restore the Original Mission Control, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Neil B. Hutchinson Autogramm
Neil B. Hutchinson, Flight Director MIssion Control, Apollo, Skylab, ASTP, Space Shuttle, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Chuck Lewis Autogramm
Charles 'Chuck' Lewis, started with NASA 1961 working on Mercury, Apollo, Spacelab, Skylab and ISS, Orbit Flight Director for the STS-1, lead Flight Director for STS-2, STS-4 + STS-9, Autograph by Mail


Autograph William R. Lucas Autogramm
William R. Lucas, part of Wernher von Brauns Team, involved in development of propulsion system for the Saturn V rocket, 4th NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Director from 1974 to 1986, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Robert Frosch Autogramm
Robert A. Frosch, involved in the Space Shuttle development Program, 5th NASA Administrator (1977-1981), awarded with the IRI Medal (1996) and IEEE Founders Medal (2001) for his research, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Tommy Holloway Autogramm
Tommy Holloway, was Manager for the Space Shuttle Programm and Space Station Manager, 40 years at NASA, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Bob Smith Autogramm
Bob Smith CEO of Blue Origin US Aerospace Manufacturer (belongs to Jeff Bezos), Met at Starmus 26.06.2019 Zurich
Autograph Jill Tartar Autogramm
Jill Tartar US Astronomer, Former Director of SETI Institute (search for extraterrestrial Intelligence), Met at Starmus 26.6.2019 Zurich

Rescuing the Apollo Crew after Reentry

Autograph John Wolfram Autogramm
John Wolfram, Navy Seal Frogman, 1st in water to get the sea anchor attached to Columbia (Apollo 11 Command Module), Autograph by Mail
Autograph John Stonesifer Autogramm
John Stonesifer, Apollo 11 Recovery Team Leader, in charge of quarantining/isolating the Apollo 11 crew after landing, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Wes Chesser Autogramm
Wes Chesser, Navy Seal Frogman, part of the Recovery Team for Apollo 6, Apollo 10 and Apollo 11, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Dee O'Hara Autogramm
Dee O'Hara, Astronauts Nurse during the Atlas, Gemini and Apollo Programm, before every launch she did the preflight checks with the Astronauts, conducted the postflight checks and treated injured Astronauts, Autograph by Mail


Larry Junker; NASA Construction Engineer, one of five engineers in charge of constructing the Vehicle Assembly Building, which was at the time the world's largest building by volume (picture taken during Cape Canaveral Tour), Autograph by Mail

Autograph Chuck Lewis Autogramm
JoAnn Morgan, first female Engineer at John F. Kennedy Space Center, first Woman as Senior Executive at Kennedy Space Center, only female Engineer in the Firing Room during Apollo 11 Launch, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Bob Sieck Autogramm
Robert 'Bob' Sieck (1938), started 1964 with NASA as Engineer for the Gemini and Apollo Programm, was Launch Director for the Space Shuttle Programm, Autograph by Mail, sent us a Bunch of NASA Stuff too!
Autograph Peter Kachmar Autogramm
Peter Kachmar, worked on the rendezvous system, which was bringing the Lunar and Command Modules back together in orbit, tested first with Apollo 7 and Apollo 9, worked later on the Rendezvous Systems for Space Lab and Space Shuttle, Autograph by Mai
Autograph Christine Darden Autogramm
Christine M. Darden, mathematician, data analyst and aeronautical engineer working for NASA, revolutionized the aerodynamics design to produce low-boom sonic effects, retired 2007, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Ed Smylie Autogramm
Robert 'Ed' Smylie, Mechanical Engineer, NASA, developped life support systems and spacesuits, devised the solution for carbon dioxide removal during Apollo 13 Incident, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Bill Snoddy Autogramm
Bill Snoddy, retired Manager of the upper stage engine in NASA's Exploration Launch Projects Office at the Marshall Center, Autograph by Mail
Autograph John Tribe Autogramm
John Tribe, hypergolic propellant expert and cryogenic rocket engine specialist, 43 Years in the Aerospace Industry, worked for the Apollo and Space Shuttle Programm, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Ferenc Pavlics Autogramm
Ferenc Pavlics (1928) Hungarian mechanical engineer, was involved in the Development of the Lunar Roving Vehicle for Apollo 15/16/17, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Hugh Blair-Smith Autogramm
Hugh Blair-Smith, joined MIT Labs 1958, involved as an Engineer in Software and Hardware development, was involved in the Space Programms from Apollo to Space Shuttle (ALT), Autograph on backside of Ikarus by Mail
Autograph Shelby Jacobs Autogramm
Shelby Jacobs, NASA Mechanical Engineer Apollo, built the camera that captured the separation between the first and second Stages of the Apollo 6 Spacecraft 1968 and the round Earth Picture, Project Manager Apollo Sojuz, Autograph by Mail


Autograph Alan Stern Autogramm
Sol Alan Stern US Planet Scientist, was Associate Administrator of NASA's Science Mission Directorate in 2007, Involved in numerous Space exploring mission, like New Horizon (Mission to Pluto), met at Starmus 29.05.2019 in Zurich

Sol Alan Stern US Planet Scientist, was Associate Administrator of NASA's Science Mission Directorate in 2007, Involved in numerous Space exploring mission, like New Horizon (Mission to Pluto), met at Starmus 29.05.2019 in Zurich, Ikarus signed in Person and Picture taken there and signed by Mail

Autograph Long Xiao Autogramm
Long Xiao, Planetary Geoscientist at China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) + Macau University of Science and Technology, responsible for finding landing sites on the Moon for the Chinese Space Programm, met at Starmus 28.06.2019
Autograph Eugene Parker Autogramm
Eugene Parker (1927), US solar astrophysicist, developed theory of supersonic solar wind, predicted Parker spiral shape of solar magnetic field in outer Solar System, Autograph by Mail
Autograph James W. Christy Autogramm
James W. Christy (1938), US astronomer, discovered 1978 Pluto's Moon Charon, Autograph by Mail

Pilots and Parachute Pioneers

Autograph Jeffrey Skiles Autogramm
Jeffrey Skiles, Pilot for American Airlines on Boeing 787 'Dreamliner', was Co Pilot on Flight 1549 that had to ditch in the Hudson River in Manhattan 2009, known as 'Miracle on Hudson', Autograph by Mail
Autograph André Borschberg Autogramm
André Borschberg, Pilot and Entrepreneur, First Flight around the World with the solar powered 'Solar Impulse' together with Bertrand Piccard 2015-2016 (for Autograph see others)
Autograph Dick Rutan Autogramm
Dick Rutan, Aviator, US Fighter Pilot, 1986 first non-stop, non-refueled around-the-world flight together with Jeana Yeager in 9 Days, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Felix Baumgartner Autogramm
Felix Baumgartner, in 2012 with Project Red Bull Stratos reset the world record for the highest skydive: Height 38.969 meters. He reached a speed of 1357, 6 km/h in free fall, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Joe Kittinger Autogramm
Joe Kittinger 1928 USA, retired US Airforce Colonel, with Project Excelsior 1960 he set the world record for the highest skydive: Height 31 kilometres, first to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a gas balloon solo, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Franky Zapata Autogramm
Franky Zapata, French Inventor, on the 25.8.2019 he crossed the Channel in 20 Minutes with his selfengineered Flyboard, Autograph by Mail


Autograph Hugh Harris Autogramm
Hugh Harris, joined NASA 1963, in charge of Press Relations around new Rockets like Atlas, helped with public affairs during Apollo 11; 1975 Chief of Public Affairs, commented Dozens of Launches of STS Flights (incl Challenger Tragedy), Autograph by Mail
Atutograph Steve Vai Autogramm
Steve Vai US Guitarist, 3 Times Grammy Winner, played with Frank Zappa and was member of David Lee Roth's Band, met at Starmus 29.06.2019