It's only Rock'n'Roll, but..... we like it


Brian May, Guitarist of Queen, PhD in Astrophysics, Board Member of Starmus, met at Starmus V 25.6.19 in Zurich (signed CD Booklet), Pictures taken at Starmus and signed by Mail

Group Picture: Vittorio Grigolo (Opera Singer) with Bryan May playing 'we are the Champions' for Al Worden (Apollo 15 deceased), Buzz Aldrin (Apollo 11), Walt Cunningham (Apollo 7), Charly Duke (Apollo 16) and Rusty Schweickart (Apollo 9)


Brian Johnson Singer since 1980, Autograph by Mail

Angus Young Guitar, Founding Member, Autograph bought with COA

Iron Maiden

Bruce Dickinson Singer, Picture taken while he was talking about his life and presenting his Book 'what does this Button do' in Zurich 28.02.2019, Autographed Book handed over at Venue

Nico McBrain Drummer, (2 CD Booklets) owns the Rock 'N' Roll Ribs Restaurant in Coral Springs Florida, via Mail

Adrian Smith Guitar, 1980-1989 and rejoined 1999, played on Bruce's Solo Project, recorded with R. Kotzen 2020, Autograph bought with his Book 'Monsters of River and Rock'

Blaze Baley, former singer from 1994-1999, Blaze 2000-2007, since 2007 Blaze Baley, Autograph bought at his webstore with new CD

Nirvana (1987-1994)

Krist Novoselic, Basser and Founding Member of Nirvana (1987-1994), played then for Flippers, active to support fair Voting, Autograph by Mail

Chad Channing Drummer (1988-1990), played for The Methodists, Fire Ants and Before Cars, Autograph by Mail

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band

Bruce Springsteen: US Muscian ('the Boss'), 18 Grammies, 1 Oscar, 22 Records, more than 130 Million Records sold, Autograph bought with COA, Foto from concert in Zurich 2016

Stevie Van Zandt: Guitar and actor (Soporanos), signed Bookplate, bought

Rolling Stones

Bill Wyman: Basser (1962-1993) 21 Records with the Stones, 19 Records since 1993, CD booklet signed by Charlie Watts too, Autograph by Mail

Charlie Watts (1941-2021): Drummer since 1959, 30 Studio and 26 Live Albums with the Stones, 10 Solo Recordings, Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame, Modern Drummer Hall of Fame, CD booklet, Autograph by Mail

ZZ Top

Founded 1969, Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame, 15 Studio Records, ZZ Top sold more then 50 Millions Records.

Frank Beard Drummer, Autograph by Mail

Billy F. Gibbons: Guitar + Singer, CD bought with Autograph

Autograph Bryan Adams Autogramm
Bryan Adams, Canadian Rock Musician, sold more than 100 Million Records in 40 Years, 8 Juno Awards, Canadien Music Hall of Fame, Autograph by Mail


CD Cover autographed by Farin Urlaub, Bela B, Rodrigo Gonzalez; DIE ÄRZTE are a very successfull German Punk Band founded in 1982. They released 13 Studio Records and 6 Live Records, Autographs were organized by a Friend -> Thank you very much!


Tuomas Holopainen, Keyboarder from Nightwish founded 1996, 10 Records released, Autograph by Mail

Autograph George Thorogood Autogramm

George Thorogood and the Destroyers

George Thorogood, Guitar, started in the 70ties, Songs like 'Bad to the Bone' and 'I Drink Alone', recorded more than 30 Records, Autograph on Booklet bought at his Store

Led Zeppelin

Robert Plant (1948), Singer and founding Member of Led Zeppelin (Stairway to Heaven'), Solo Career since 1982, Autograph by Mail

Deep Purple

Roger Glover, Basser Deep Purple (1969–1973, from 1984) and Rainbow (1979–1984); Producer, Guest Basser on different Records, Autograph by Mail

Ian Paice, Drummer (1968-1976, from 1984), played with Gary Moore, Whitesnake and Velvet Underground, Autograph by Mail

Autograph C J Ramone Autogramm


C J Ramone, Bass and Vocals for 'The Ramones' from 1989 (replaced Dee Dee Ramone) to 1996 (band dissolved), Autograph by Mail

Sex Pistols

John Lydon alias Johnny Rotten: Singer of the UK Punk Band Sex Pistols, founding Member 1976, also Part of the Reunions, Autograph in his Book 'I could be wrong, I could be Right', bought

Paul Cook: Drummer, signed 'The Professionals' CD Booklet (above right), with Tom Spencer and Chris McCormack

Autograph Die Toten Hosen Autogramm

die Toten Hosen

signed by Campino, Andreas von Holst, Michael Breitkopf, Andreas Meurer,

Vom Ritchie, since 1982 Hits like 'Hier kommt Alex' and 'Tage wie diesen', 14 Studio Records recorded, Autograph by Mail

Autograph Sabaton Autogramm


Swedish Power Metal Band, Autograph Card signed by all Members, Hannes van Dahl, Chris Röhrland, Joakim Brodén, Pär Sundström, Tommy Johansson, Autograph by Mail

Autograph Tommy Lee Autogramm

Motley Crew

Tommy Lee, Drummer, more then 100 Million Records sold, Tommy was the former Husband of Pamela Anderson, Autograph signed on CD Booklet received by Mail

The Who

Pete Townshend, Singer + Guitar, founded 'The Who' 1964 and recorded 12 Studio Albums, Autograph received by Mail

Kenney Jones, Drummer, 1978-1988, Small Faces founding Member 1965, the 'Jones Gang', Autograph by Mail

Dire Straits

John Illsley, Basser, Founding Member of Dire Straits (1977–1988, 1991–1995), they sold more than 120 Million Records, owns a Pub and two Hotels in his Home Town. Autograph by Mail

Jason and the Scorchers

Jason Ringenberg: Singer, Songwriter and Founder, Jason and the Scorchers is a alternative Country Band that was founded 1981, released 16 Records and 7 Solo Records, autographed several CD Booklets and a Beer Coaster, received by Mail

Warner E. Hodges: Guitar and Founder, in addition has his own band, Autograph by Mail

Lynyrd Skynyrd

Peter Keys, Keyboardist for Lynyrd Skynyrd since 2009, worked with George Clinton in P-Funk, Autograph by Mail


 Mark Tornillo (Vocals), Wolf Hoffmann (Lead Guitar), Uwe Lulis (Rhythm Guitar), Philip Shouse (Third Guitar), Martin Motnik (Bass), Christopher Williams (Drums), 16th Record of the German Metal Band, Autographs received when buying the CD


Primal Fear

German Metal Band, Ralf Scheepers (Lead and Backing Vocals), Mat Sinner (Bass, Vocals), Magnus Karlsson (Guitar, Keyboard), Alex Beyrodt (Guitar), Tom Naumann (Guitar), Michael Ehré (Drums), Autographs received when buying the CD

Electric Light Orchestra

Bev Bevan, Drummer, founding Member 1970-1986, founded 1990 ELO II, other Bands: Bev Bevan's Move, Black Sabbath and the Quill, Autograph received by Mail

Jefferson Airplane

Jorma Kaukanen, Guitar, founding Member of Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna, Autograph by Mail

Jack Casady, Basser, founding Member of Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna, played with Grateful Dead and recorded with Jimmy Hendrix, Autograph by Mail


Lou Gramm, Singer, Founding Member of Foreigner, Autograph by Mail

Autograph Ted Nugent Autogramm

Ted Nugent

'Motor City Madman' Rock Musician, 13 Studio Solo Records (+ 4 Live),

4 Studio Records as Guitarist of 'Damn Yankees', Autograph by Mail

Autograph Billy Squier Autogramm

Billy Squier

 US Rock Musician, released 12 albums, biggest hit 'The Stroke' 1981, Autograph by Mail

Kaiser Chiefs

British Rock Band, Ricky Wilson (Singer), Andrew ‘Whitey’ White (Guitar), Simon Rix (Bass), Nick ‘Peanut’ Baines (Keyboard), Vijay Mistry (Drums), Autographs received when buying the CD 'Duck'


Roberto Trujillo, Basser, since 2003, before he played for Suicidal Tendencies and Ozzy Osbourne, Autograph bought with COA, Concert pics taken 10.05.2019 in Zurich, Switzerland


1. Freddy Steady Drums and Mark Kohler Guitar on Receipt after a Concert with Steve Thompson late 80ties

2. Chris Von Rohr on a CD Booklet met in Person


German Hard Rock Band founded 1965 as 'Nameless', Pawel Macidowa (Bass), Matthias Jabs (Guitar), Klaus Meine (Vocals), Mickky Dee  (Drums) former Member of 'Motorhead', Rudolf Schenker (Guitar); Autograph by Mail


British Heavy Metal Band founded 1979,  consists of Paul Quinn (Guitar) , Doug Scarratt (Guitar), Peter „Biff“ Byford (Vocal), Nigel Glockler (Drums), Tim „Nibbs“ Carter (Bass); Autograph by Mail

Autograph Bruce Johnston Autogramm

Beach Boys

Bruce Johnston, Singer since 1957

Al Jardine, Singer and Guitarist, Co-Founder

Beach Boys had 2012 their 50th anniversary tour, received Grammy for Song of the Year, Autograph by Mail

Autograph Stewart Copeland Autogramm

The Police

Stewart Copeland: Drummer, Founding Member of 'The Police', played for 'the Doors' and others, founded Oysterhead, played Music for Movies, TV Production and Video Games, Autograph by Mail

Autograph Gotthard Autogramm


CD Booklet signed by all four Member

Steve Lee (1963-2010), Leo Leoni, Marc Lynn, Hena Habegger, met them personally at a concert

Autograph Shakra Autogramm


Swiss Rock Band, CD Booklet 'Everest' signed by Mark Fox, Thom Blunier, Thomas Muster, Dominik Pfister and Roger Tanner, Autograph received via a Friend in Person

Status Quo

Francis Rossi, Rick Parfitt (1948-2016), Andrew Bown, John "Rhino" Edwards and Matt Letley,

Autograph bought

Andrew 'Andy' Bown, CD Booklet signed by Mail


Greg Rolie: Keyboarder and Singer, Founding Member of Santana and Journey, today Gregg Rolie Band, Autograph by Mail

Huey Lewis and the News

Johnny Colla: Guitar and Saxophone, Founding Member of 'Huey Lewis and the News', played for 'Sly and the Family Stone' too, Autograph by Mail

Autograph Fats Domino Autogramm

Fats Dominio

US Rock'n'Roller (1928-2017), best known for Hits like 'Blueberry Hill' and 'isn't that a Shame', Autograph bought with COA


Thommy Thayer (Guitar) by Mail, Eric Singer (Drummer) by Mail, Paul Stanley (Guitar) bought with COA

Black Sabbath

Ozzy Osbourne: Singer Black Sabbath and Solo Band, more than 20 Albums recorded, had his own Reality TV Show 'the Osbournes', Autograph bought with COA

Geezer Butler: Basser and Founding Member, played with Heaven and Hell too, Autograph when CD bought

Vinny Appice, Drummer for Black Sabbath, Ronnie James Dio, Heaven and Hell, played on over 20 Records, Autograph by Mail

The Georgia Satellites

Dan Baird: Guitar and Founder of the Georgia Satellites, Member of the Yayhoos, Autograph by Mail

Autograph Mick Avory Autogramm

The Kinks

Mick Avory (1944), Drummer 1964-1984, songs like 'You really got me now', Autograph by Mail

Autograph Elvis Costello Autogramm
Elvis Costello, English Singer and Songwriter, twice Grammy Awards, Member of the Rock'nRoll Hall of Fame, 25 Studio recorded, Autograph from his Store
Autograph Chubby Checker

Chubby Checker

US Rock'n'Roll Musician, famous for 'the Twist' and 'Let's Twist Again' in the Sixties, in 2008 "The Twist"

was named the biggest chart hit of all time by Billboard magazin, Autograph by Mail

Autograph John Cougar Mellencamp

John Cougar Mellencamp

US Singer and Songwriter, 23 Studio Records, now 45 Years in Business, Autograph by Mail

Naked Raygun

Eric Spicer, in Person signed CD Booklet from Naked Raygun, US Punk Band, met him personally several times when he had his Plumbing Business in Chicago, had many Beers and a few Shots together. Great Guy!

REO Speedwagon

Alan Gratzer: Drummer, was 1968 Founding Member of REO Speedwagen, Hits like 'Keep on loving You' and Can't fight this Feeling', Autograph by Mail


Fran Healy (Singer), Andy Dunlop (Guitar), Dougie Payne (Bass), Neil Primrose (Drums), Autographs received when buying the CD '10 Songs'


Noddy Holder, Singer and Guitarplayer, with Slade (1966-1992) 14 Records, since then TV critics on BBC2, TV presenter and comedian, Autograph by Mail

Jim Lea, Bass, Keyboard, Piano and Backing Vocals for Slade, Founding Member of Slade until 1992, Autograph by Mail

Autograph Billy Idol Autogramm

Billy Idol

English Punk Rocker, recorded 8 Studio Albums, Songs like ‚Hot in the City’ and ‚White Wedding’, Autograph bought with COA

Slayer (later S.A. Slayer)

signed LP, Steve Cooper (died 2006), Bob Catlin, David Mc Clain and three others, LP bought

Autograph Keel Autogramm


signed LP, Ron Keel, Marc Ferrari, Brian Jay, Kenny Chaisson and Dwain Miller, LP bought