DAVOS 1917

     We are huge Fans of the series Davos 1917 of SRF. Below are Autographs from the Crew.

Davos 1917 is a 2023 Swiss-German television series with 6 episodes that is the largest co-production between the two countries to date. It was produced by Contrast Film and Letterbox Filmproduktion in association with Swiss TV SRF and ARD. The series is set in Davos, Graubuenden Switzerland, in 1917. The Story is inspired by Swiss nurses who went volunteerly to the front lines in France during World War I. In the series, the nurse Johanna Gabathuler returns home to her family, which is running a Sanatorium for Tuberculosis Patients. She becomes a spy for purely personal reasons and finds herself caught between the front lines of espionage in neutral Switzerland. The scenes in the Sanatorium 'Curwald' were filmed in the Hotel Schatzalp in Davos. The Autographs are on pictures we took at the Schatzalp. Find more information about the series here: Davos 1917

Autograph Moritz Fischer Autogramm
Moritz Fischer, German Actor, played a Russian Agent
Autograph Anna Holmes Autogramm
Anna Holmes, Actor, played Helen Taylor, the wife of General Taylor spying for the British Empire