Visiting the DFB Museum in Dortmund 2018, we took pictures of the following Trophies:

Champions League (CL), European Championship 1980 and 1996, World Championship 1974, 1990 and 2014.

Below are Pictures signed via Mail.

Autograph Effenberg Müller Helmer Autogramm
Stefan Effenberg CL 2001, Thomas Müller CL 2013+2020, Thomas Helmer (CL Final 1999)

Franz Beckenbauer 'The Kaiser' (1945-2024), won as a Player the World Championship 1974 and as a Manager 1990, 5x German Champion, 4x DFB Pokal, 3x European Cup, named World Soccer 29th Greatest Manager of All Time 2013.

Thomas Hässler, World Champion 1990, European Champion 1996, 2x German Champion, Germany Football Player of The Year 1989/1992

Autograph Andre Schurrle Autogramm
Andre Schurrle, won the Premier League, twice DFB Pokal, World Champion 2014
Autograph Paul Breitner Autogramm
Paul Breitner, European Champion 1972, World Champion 1974, 5x German and 2xSpanish Champion, European Cup 1974
Autograph Klaus Augenthaler Autogramm
Klaus Augenthaler retired Defender, World Champion 1990, 7x German Champion, 3xDFB Cup
Autograph wolfgang Overrath Autogramm
Wolfgang Overath, German Champion, DFB Cup, World Champion 1974
Autograph Herbert Wimmer Autogramm
Herbert Wimmer, 5x German Champion, DFB Cup, UEFA Cup, European Champion 1972, World Champion 1974
Autograph Toni Kross Autogramm
Toni Kroos, 3xGerman Champion, 2xDFB Pokal, 3xLa Liga, 6xChampions League, World Champion 2014
Autograph Paul Steiner Autogramm
Paul Steiner, World Champion 1990, 1xDFB Cup
Autograph Frank Mill Autogramm
Frank Mill, World Champion 1990, 3rd Olympia 1988
Autograph Berti Vorgst Autogramm
Berti Vogts, World Champion 1974, European Champion 1972 as a Player and as a Coach 1996, 5x German Champion, 2x UEFA Cup
Autograph Olaf Thon Autogramm
Olaf Thon: 3x German Champion, 1x UEFA Cup Champion, 2x DFB Cup Champion, World Champion 1990
Autograph Per Mertesacker Autogramm
Per Mertesacker: World Champion 2014, 3x FA Cup, German Cup
Autograph Karl-Heinz Rummenigge Autogramm
Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, European Champion 1980, 2x FIFA World Championship Runner up, 2x German Champion, 2x DFB Pokal
Autograph hans-Peter Briegel Autogramm
Hans-Peter Briegel, European Champion 1980, played for 1. FC Kaiserslautern, Sampdoria, Hellas Verona, as Coach: Beşiktaş, Trabzonspor, Albania and Bahrain
Autograph Karl-Heinz Förster Autogramm
Karl-Heinz Förster, German Champion, 2x French Champion, 1x French Cup Winner, 1x European Champion
Autograph Eike Immel Autogramm
Eike Immel, German Champion, DFB Super Pokal, European Champion 1980, 2nd World Championship 1982 + 1986
Autograph Bernhard Dietz Autogramm
Bernhard Dietz, 495 Games in the 'Bundesliga', European Champion 1980, 2nd European Championship 1976
Autograph Mario Basler Autogramm
Mario Basler, 2x DFB Pokal, 2x German Champion, 5x DFB Supercup, European Champion 1996
Autograph Bernd Forster Autogramm
Bernd Forster, German Champion, European Champion 1980, 2nd World Championship 1982
Horst Eckel (1932-2021), World Champion 1954, twice German Champion with Kaiserslautern
Horst Eckel (1932-2021), World Champion 1954, twice German Champion with Kaiserslautern