Going to the Moon

NASA Photo of the Apollo Astronauts Group 5 1966 signed by 12, bought with COA
NASA Photo of the Apollo Astronauts Group 5 1966 signed by 12, bought with COA

Apollo 7-10 preparing for the Moon

Apollo 7


Apollo 7 Crew: Commander Walter M. Schirra, Command Module Pilot Donn F. Eisele, Lunar Module Pilot R. Walter Cunningham


Mission: launched with a Saturn IB Booster, Testing of the Guidance and Communication system, precision reentry and splashdown



         Walt Cunningham (1932), Lunar Module Pilot Apollo 7, met at Starmus 2019 in Zürich, Pictures of Saturn V Boosters taken at Kennedy Space Center and of Walt at Starmus V in Zurich

Walter 'Wally' M. Schirra (March 12, 1923 – May 3, 2007) USA, he flew 3 times as part of the Mercury-Atlas 8, Gemini 6 and Apollo 7 Programm and spent 12 days in Space, both Autograph bought with COA


Apollo 8

Apollo 8 crew: Frank Borman Commander, James A. Lovell Command Module Pilot, William Anders Lunar Module Pilot


Mission: first Mission ever to leave the gravitational influence of the Earth and orbit the Moon


Autograph Frank Borman Autogramm

Frank Borman 1928, NASA Astronaut, Command Pilot on Gemini 7, Commander on Apollo 8, Autograph bought with COA

Autograph Jim Lovell Autogramm

Jim Lovell (1928), Gemini 7 (1965) and Gemini 12 (1966), Apollo 8 and Commander Apollo 13, Autograph by Mail


Apollo 9


Apollo 9 Crew: James A. McDivitt Commander, David R. Scott Command Module Pilot, Russell ‘Rusty’ L. Schweickart Lunar Module Pilot


Mission: Flying of the Lunar Module in Low Earth Orbit, Testing of the Extravehicular Mobility Unit Backpack during Rusty Schweickarts EVA



Autograph James McDivitt Autogramm

James McDivitt 1929, Commander of Gemini 4 with Ed White, James Mc Divitt was Commander of Apollo 9, they tested the Lunar Module freeflying and made 2 Person EVA, Autograph bought with COA

Rusty Schweickart (1932), trained Fighter Pilot, Lunar Module Pilot on Apollo 9: performed first Apollo EVA, flew the Apollo Lunar Modul together with James McDivitt 180 Kilometers away and back to the Mothership, Autograph bought with COA, Pictures taken at Starmus V

Dave Scott (1932), trained Test Pilot, Pilot on Gemini 8, Command Module Pilot on Apollo 9, Commander and 7th Moonwalker Apollo 15, Autograph bought with COA


Apollo 10


Apollo 10 Crew: Tom Stafford Commander, John W. Young Command Module Pilot, Eugene A. Cernan Lunar Module Pilot


Mission: Flying of the Lunar Module in Low Moon Orbit, last Testing of all System before the first Moon Landing

Tom Stafford (1930), trained Fighter Pilot, Pilot Gemini 6, Commander Gemini 9,  Commander Apollo 10, Commander ASTP (Apollo docking with Sojuz 19), Autograph by Mail

John Young (see Apollo 12) and Gene Cernan (see Apollo 17)

Apollo 11-17 Landing on the Moon

Apollo 11



Apollo 11 Crew: Neil Armstrong Commander, Michael Collins Command Module Pilot, Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin Lunar Module Pilot


Mission: First Landing on the Moon, Neil Armstrong was the first human Beeing to set foot on the Moon 20.07.1969, together with Buzz Aldrin he spent 2.5 hours on the Moon and brought back 21.5 kg Moon Rocks they collected  


Buzz Aldrin (1930), Gemini 12 with record EVA, Lunar Module Pilot of Apollo 11, the second man to set Foot on the Moon with the words 'Beautiful View', signed book, Autograph bought with COA, Picture taken at Starmus V 2019, Buzz Aldrin receiving the Stephen Hawking Medal from Brian May (Queen), talking to the CEO Bob Smith of Blue Origin (see Ikarus for Autograph)

Autograph Michael Collins Autogramm

Michael Collins (1930), Pilot on Gemini 10 with 3rd american  EVA, Command Module Pilot on Apollo 11 circled the Moon 30 Times, Autograph bought with COA

Apollo 12




Apollo 12 Crew: Commander Charles "Pete" Conrad, Lunar Module Pilot Alan L. Bean, Command Module Pilot Richard F. Gordon


Mission: struck twice by lightning after Launch, but little Damage done, 2 EVA’s on the Moon by Conrad and Bean for 7.5 Hours


Autograph Pete Conrad Autogramm

Charles ‚Pete’ Conrad (1930-1999), Gemini 5, Gemini 11, Commander of Apollo 12, 3rd Moonwalker, Commander of Skylab 2, Autograph bought with COA

Autograph Alan Bean Autogramm

Alan LaVern Bean (1932-2018), Lunar Module Pilot on Apollo 12, 4th Moonwalker, Commander on the Skylab 3 Mission, Autograph on used Cheque bought with COA

Autograph Dick Gordon Autogramm

Richard F. 'Dick' Gordon (1929-2016), Pilot on Gemini 11 with 2 EVA, Command Modul Pilot on Apollo 12, Autograph bought with COA


Apollo 13

Apollo 13 Crew: Commander Jim Lovell, Command Module Pilot Jack Swigert, Lunar Module Pilot Fred Haise


Mission: supposed to be the third Mission to Land on the Moon, after an Explosion of an Oxygen Tank Swigert reported ‘Okay, Houston, we've had a problem here’, the crew was forced to aboard the Landing on the Moon and return back to Earth


Autograph Fred Haise Autogramm

Fred Haise (1933), Lunar Modul Pilot on the illfated Apollo 13 Mission, later Test Pilot with the Space Shuttle Enterprise (Approach and Landing Test), Autograph by Mail

Autograph Jim Lovell Autogramm

Jim Lovell (1928), Gemini 7 (1965) and Gemini 12 (1966), Apollo 8 and Commander  Apollo 13, Autograph by Mail


Apollo 14

Apollo 14 Crew: Commander Alan Shepard, Command Module Pilot Stuart Roosa, and Lunar Module Pilot Edgar Mitchell


Mission: third Mission that landed on the Moon near the Fra Mauro Formation, Shepard and Mitchell made 2 EVA and collected with a pushcart 42.8 kg Moon Rocks, Roosa took along several hundreds Tree Seeds. These Seeds were planted across the World known as ‘Moon Trees’


Autograph Alan Shepard Autogramm

Alan Shepard (1923-1998), Part of the Mercury Seven, first US Astronaut in Space, Mission Mercury-Redstone 3 with Spaceship Freedom 7, Commander of Apollo 14, 5th and oldest Moonwalker, autographed Book bought with COA 

Autograph Edgar Mitchell Autogramm

Edgar Mitchell (1930-2016), Lunar Module Pilot on Apollo 14, 6th Moonwalker, 2 Moonwalks, Autograph on a Letter bought with COA

Autograph Stuart Roosa Autogramm

Stuart Roosa (1933-1994), Command Modul Pilot on Apollo 14, carried the seeds for the 'Moon Trees' with him, Autograph bought with COA

Apollo 15

Apollo 15 Crew: Commander David Scott, Lunar Module Pilot James Irwin, Lunar Module Pilot Al Worden



Mission: fourth Mission that landed on the Moon near the Hadley Rille, used a Lunar Rover to cover 28km, EVA's of 18 Hours and brought back 77 kg Moon Rocks

autograph Dave Scott Apollo 15 Autogramm

Apollo 15 crew: Dave Scott , Al Worden, Jim Irwin, (Tom Stafford signed too), bought with COA

Autograph Jim Irwin Autogramm

James Benson "Jim" Irwin (1930 – 1991) USA, Lunar Module Pilote of Apollo 15, 8th Moonwalker, spent more then 18 hours on the Moon during 3 EVA's, Autograph bought COA

Al Worden (1932-2020) Apollo 15 Command Module Pilot, Autograph in Person at Starmus V 2019 in Zurich, Pictures of Lunar Rover taken at Kennedy Space Center and of Al Worden at Starmus V taken myself


Apollo 16

Apollo 16 Crew: Commander John Young, Lunar Module Pilot Charles Duke, Command Module Pilot Ken Mattingly


Mission: Young and Duke spent almost 3 Days on the Moon surface, they made 3 EVA’s, drove 27 km with the Lunar Rover and collected 77 kg Moon Rocks, Charlie left a picture of his family on the Surface of the Moon



Autograph John W. Young Autogramm

John W. Young (1930-2018), Astronaut Apollo 16, 9th Moonwalker, 6 Space Flights: Gemini 3, Gemini 10, Apollo 10, Commander of  Apollo 16, STS-1 (first Space Shuttle Flight), STS-9, Autograph bought with COA

Charlie Duke (1935), Astronaut Apollo 16, 10th and youngest Moonwalker, in Person signed Picture of Saturn V

taken at Kennedy Space Center with Dotty Duke (his wife), Picture of Charlie (signed via mail Dec 2020) and Charlie and Al Worden discussing at Starmus V in Zurich 28.6.2019


for Ken Mattingly see Apollo Class Picture at beginning of this Page


Apollo 17

Apollo 17 Crew: Commander Gene Cernan, Lunar Module Pilot Jack Schmitt, Command Module Pilot Ron Evans


Mission: last Mission to the Moon, Jack Schmitt was the only Geologist setting Foot on the Moon, Cernan and Schmitt took along 5 Mice, they spent 3 Days on the Moon surface, made 3 EVA’s, drove 36 km with the Lunar Rover and collected 110.5 kg Moon Rocks, Cernan was the last Apollo Astronaut to leave the Moon in 1972


Autograph Eugene Cernan Autogramm

Eugene A. Cernan (1934-2017), Gemini 9, Apollo 10 and Apollo 17 (Commander), 11th Moonwalker and last Man to leave the Moon, Autograph on Conference Nameplate, Autograph bought with COA/pic

Harrison 'Jack' Schmitt, 1935, Astronaut Apollo 17, 12th Moonwalker, only Geologist on the Moon, 3 EVA's, Autograph bought with COA, picture taken at Starmus V 2019 in Zurich

Autograph Ron Evans Autogramm

Ron Evans, Command Module Pilot of Apollo 17, one EVA, backup Command Module Pilot for the 1975 Apollo–Soyuz Test Project (ASTP), other: Al Bean, Jack Lousma, Autograph bought with COA

final Apollo Flight: Apollo Sojuz Test Project (ASTP)


Apollo Sojuz (ASTP)

Apollo Sojuz Test Project Crew: Apollo Commander Tom Stafford, Command Module Pilot Vance D. Brand, Docking Module Pilot Deke Slayton, Sojuz Commander Alexei Leonov, Flight Engineer Valeri Kubasov


Mission: on the 17th July 1975 the last Apollo module docked with a Soviet Union Soyuz capsule. The project was the symbol that marked the end of the Space Race that started with Sputnik


Autograph Tom Stafford Autogramm

Tom Stafford (1930), trained Fighter Pilot, Gemini 6, Gemini 9,  Apollo 10,  ASTP, Autograph in Book, bought with COA

Autograph Vance Brand Autogramm

Vance D. Brand (1931), trained Jet Fighter Pilot and Civilan Test Pilot, backup Pilot of Apollo 15, 4 Space Flights: ASTP, Commander of STS-5, STS-41B and STS-35, Autograph bought with COA

Autogtraph Deke Slayton Autogramm

Deke Slayton (1924-1993), chosen as part of the Mercury Seven, due to heart problems flight clearance was removed and he became Chief of the Astronaut Office, got clearence for his only Flight Apollo Sojuz Test Project 1975, Autograph bought with COA

Autograph Alexei Leonov Autogramm

Alexei Leonov (1934-2019) right, Voskhod 2 (1965 first Space Walk ever for 12 Minutes (EVA)), Commander Soyuz 19 (Apollo Soyuz Test Program), Pavel Belyayev (1925-1970): Voskhod 2, rescued only 2 Days after landing, letter bought with COA

Valeri Kubasov (1935-2014), Flight Engineer on Sojus 6, Flight Engineer Sojus 19 (Apollo-Sojuz), Commander on Sojus 36/Sojus 35 (Saljut 6 EP-5), Letter bought with COA