Autograph Sir Edmund Hillary Autogramm
Sir Edmund Hillary (1919-2008), New Zealand, Explorer, he was the first Man to climb Mount Everest together with Sherpa Tenzing 1953,. First to reach the South Pole with a Motor Vehicle, Autograph on a Picture taken by Yousuf Karsh 1960, Autograph bought
Autograph Reinhold Messner Autogramm
Reinhold Messner, South Tyrolean Mountaineer and Explorer, first to climb Mount Everest without extra oxygen, first to have climbed all 14 Peaks over 8000 Meters, Author of more than 80 Books, Messner Mountain Museum in Sigmundskron Castle in Bozen, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Peter Habeler Autogramm
Peter Habeler, Austrian Mountaineer, first ascent without supplemental oxygen of Mount Everest together with Reinhold Messner, Eiger north face first on Heckmair Route with 10 hours, oldest climber on Eiger north face, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Arved Fuchs Autogramm
Arved Fuchs, German Polar Explorer Climate Activist, first Explorer to reach both Poles on Ski in the same Year, crossed Antarctica together with Reinhold Messner, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Vivan Fuchs Autogramm
Sir Vivian Fuchs British (1908-1999), Leader of the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition, the first crossing completed of the Antartica, 2158 Miles in 100 Days, Autograph bought with COA
Autograph Betrand Picard Andre Borschberg Autogramm
Bertrand Picard and André Borschberg, First Flight with the Solar Powered Plane 'Solar Impulse' around the World 2015-2016, Autograph by Mail

Heinrich Harrer (1912-2006),  Austrian mountaineer, sportsman, geographer and author, first ascent of the Eiger North Face 1939 in Switzerland, was interned in India 1939 on a expedition, fled 1944 to Tibet, became Tutor of 14th Dalai Lama, Autograph bought; Eiger North Face Picture taken October 2020


Autograph Luis Trenker Autogramm
Luis Trenker (1892–1990), South Tyrolean Alpinist, produced more than 20 Movies, wrote 24 Books, Autograph bought
Autograph Raymond Lambert Autogramm
Raymond Lambert (1914-1997), 2. Swiss Himalaya Expedition, reached together with Sherpa Tenzing Norgay 8611 m Height of Mount Everest (237m short of the Peak), first ascent of Mount Ganesh (7429m), Autograph bought with COA
Ueli Steck Autograph Autogramm
Ueli Steck (1976-2017), Swiss Rock Climber and Mountaineer, famous for his speed climbing record on Eiger North Face, 2012 Mount Everest without Oxygen, 2013 Annapurna's South Face, 2015 all 82 Swiss 4000m peaks in 2 Month, Autograph bought