Autograph Lionel Messi Autogramm
Lionel Messi, Inter Miami, World Champion 2022, Copa Americana 2021, 10xSpain Champion, 8x Ballon D'Or Trophies, 4x Champions League, 1x Olympia Winner, Autograph on Shirt bought with COA
Autograph Ronaldo Autogramm
Ronaldo, al-Nassr FC, former Juventus Turin, Real Madrid and ManU, 5 Times Champions League Winner, English, Spanish and Italian Champion, European Champion, Ballon D'Or Winner, Autograph bought at his Museum in Madeira
Autograph Kylian Mbappe Autogramm
Kylian Mbappé, Paris St. Germain, U19 European Champion 2016, World Champion 2018, 2nd World Championship 2022, 3x French Chamion, 3x Coupe de France, 3x Ligue 1 Top Goalscorer, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Neymar Autogramm
Neymar, al-Hilal, former Paris Saint-Germain, 3x French Champion, Confed Cup 2013, 2x Spanish Champion, 1x Champions League, Autograph bought with COA
Autograph Erling Haaland Autogramm
Erling Haaland, Manchester City, Champions League 23 and most goals, former BVB Dortmund, FC Red Bull Salzburg (16 Matches 17 Goals), Autograph by Mail
Autograph Robert Lewandowski Autogramm
Robert Lewandowski, FC Barcelona, former Bayern Munich, 2020 Best FIFA Men's Player Award, 8 Times German Champion, Champions League Winner, 4 Times DFB Pokal, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Leonardo Bonucci Autogramm
Leonardo Bonucci, Fenerbahce Istanbul, former 1. FC Union Berlin, European Champion 2021, 9xSerie A Italian Champion, 4x Italian Cup, Italy's Player of the Year 2016, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Filip Kostic Autogramm
Filip Kostic, Juventus F.C., won Europa League 2022, plays for the National Team of Serbia, Autograph bought
Autograph Manuel Neuer Autogramm
Manuel Neuer, Bayern Munich, World Champion 2014, 2x Champions League, 2x UEFA Super Cup, 10x German Champion, 5x German Cup, Autograph bought
Autograph Timo Werner Autogramm
Timo Werner, RB Leipzig, Champions League 2021, FIFA Club World Cup 2021, FIFA Confed Cup 2017, Autograph bought
Autograph Marc-André ter Stegen Autogramm
Marc-André ter Stegen, FC Barcelona, 4x La Liga, 3x Copa del Rey, 1x Champions League, FIFA Confed Cup 2017, Autograph bought
Autograph Axel Witsel Autogramm
Axel Witsel, Atletico Madrid, former Borussia Dortmund, Belgian and Russian Champion, Taca da Liga, DFL Supercup, 3rd 2018 FIFA World Cup, Autograph by Mail
Autograph James Rodrigues Autogramm
James Rodrigues, Columbian, FC Everton, former AS Monaco, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Topscorer Worldchampionship 2014, Twice Champions League Winner, Portugese, Spanish and German Champion, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Pele Autogramm
Pele (1940-2022), Brazilian Player, 3 Times Worldchampion, Ballon D'Or Prix d'Honneur, World Record for Hat-tricks 92, Autograph on a Shirt, bought
Autograph Dino Zoff Autogramm
Dino Zoff, retired Italian Keeper, won the Serie A 6 Times, FIFA World Cup, European Champion, 642 Games in the Serie A, Autograph by Mail
Autograph MArio Balotelli Autogramm
Mario Balotelli, Adana Demirspor, former FC Sion, Champions League with Inter Milan 2010, 3x Italian Champion, Premier League Champion, Coppa Italia and FA Cup, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Youssoufa Moukoko Autogramm
Youssoufa Moukoko, BVB Dortmund, youngest Player in the Bundesliga and in the Champions League, plays for the U21 German National Team, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Raheem Sterling Autogramm
Raheem Sterling, FC Chelsea, won Premier League: 2017–18 and Football League/EFL Cup: 2015–16 + 2018–19, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Frank Lampard Autogramm
Frank Lampard, FC Chelsea Head Coach, as a Player he won Champions League, 3 Times Premier League, 4x Cup, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Jadon Sancho Autogramm
Jadon Sancho, Borussia Dortmund BVB, before Watford and Manchester City, named member of the 2018–19 Bundesliga Team of the Season , Autograph by Mail
Autograph Chris Smalling Autogramm
Chris Smalling, AS Roma, former Manchester United (204 Games), National Team (31), won Premier League 2011 + 2013, FA Cup: 2016, League Cup 2017, UEFA Europa League 2017, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Philipp Lahm Autogramm
Philipp Lahm, retired, Captain of Bayern Munich and German National Team, 8 Times German Champion, won Champions League 2013, World Champion 2014, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Arturo Vidal Autogramm
Arturo Vidal, CS Colo-Colo, played for FC Barcelona, Juventus Turin (4 times Italian Champion) and Bayern Munich (3 times German National Champion), Autograph by Mail
Autograph Oliver Kahn Autogramm
Oliver Kahn retired Goalkeeper, Champions League Winner, 8x German Champion, 4x UEFA Club Football Awards Best Goalkeeper, 3x IFFHS World's Best Goalkeeper, former CEO of Bayern Munich, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Jude Bellingham Autogramm
Jude Bellingham, Real Madrid, best Youngster Ballon d’Or 2023, former BVB Dortmund, DFB Pokal, Runner Up UEFA European Championship 2020, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Manuel Akanji Autogramm
Manuel Akanji, Switzerland, Defender for Man City, Champions League 23, 3 Years with FC Basel, Swiss Nationalteam, Swiss MVP 2023, Autograph by Mail
Autograph David Silva Autogramm
David Silva, retired, former Celta Vigo, FC Valencia, since 2010 Manchester City, 129 Games for the Spanish National Team, 4 Times Premier League Winner, World Champion 2010, twice European Champion, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Christian Pulisic Autogramm
Christian Pulisic, AS Milano, former Chelsea, Borussia Dortmund (played his first Game for BVB with 17 Years), US Nationalteam, Autograph by Mail

Franck Etoundi, Un Käetjeng 97, played 7 years in Swiss NLA, won 2014 the Swiss Cup with FC Zürich, Picture taken during warm up in Menzingen when they played a test game against SC Austria Lustenau, signed the picture on the back, Autograph by Mail

Joe Hart Autograph Autogramm
Joe Hart, Goalkeeper, Celtic Glasgow, former Manchester City, National Team, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Alyssa Naeher Autogramm
Alyssa Naeher, Goalkeeper, Chicago Red Stars, US National Team Keeper, won the World Championship 2019 in France, signed a flag we received, when visiting the World Championship in Nice, Autograph by Mail
Wayne Rooney Autograph Autogramm
Wayne Rooney, retired, ManU, Autograph bought with COA
Michael Carrick Autograph Autogramm
Michael Carrick, retired, ManU since 2006, Autograph by mail
Autograph Kyle Walker Autogramm
Kyle Walker Manchester City, defense, Champions League 23, transferred for 56.7 Mio Euro, played 29 matches for the National Team, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Claudio Pizarro Autogramm
Claudio Pizarro, retired, Peru, Italy and Germany, Champions League Winner 2013, 6 Times German Champion, won FIFA Club World Cup, 5 Times DFB Pokal, second most successfull foreign Player in the Bundesliga. Autograph by Mail
Autograph Ramona Bachmann Autogramm
Ramona Bachmann, Swiss National Team, Paris St. Germain, played vor Wolfsburg and Chelsea, Swiss, German, Sweden and England Champion, NFT bought with Credit Suisse to support the Team
Franck Ribery Autograph Autogramm
Franck Ribery, retired, AC Florenz, Bayern Munich 2007-2019, Autograph by mail
Arjen Roben Autograph Autogramm
Arjen Roben Netherland, retired, FC Groningen,Bayern Munich 2009-2019, 6 Times German Champion, Champions League Winner 2013, won Premier League twice with Chelsea, Autograph by mail
David Alaba, Real Madrid, former Bayern Munich, 6 times German Champion, Champions League 2013,2020,2022, 4 times German Cup, 6 times Austrian Football Player of the Year, Autograph by Mail
David Alaba, Real Madrid, former Bayern Munich, 6 times German Champion, Champions League 2013,2020,2022, 4 times German Cup, 6 times Austrian Football Player of the Year, Autograph by Mail
Kingsley Coman, Bayern Munich, French, German and Italian Champion, Silver European Championship 2016, Autograph by Mail
Kingsley Coman, Bayern Munich, French, German and Italian Champion, Silver European Championship 2016, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Hasan Salihamidzic Autogramm
Hasan Salihamidzic, former Sporting Director Bayern Munich, as a Player: 6x German Champion, 4x DFB Pokal, Champions League 2001, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Miroslav Klose Autogramm
Miroslav Klose, retired, twice German Champion and DFB Pokal, Runner Up World Championship, European Championship and Champions League, holds Record for scoring most Goals at a World Championship (16 Goals), Autograph by Mail
Kevin Prince Boateng Autograph Autogramm
Kevin Prince Boateng, retired, Midfielder Eintracht Frankfurt, Italian Champion, played 15 times for the Ghana National Team, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Jerome Boateng Autogramm
Jerome Boateng, US Salernitana, Worldchampion 2015, Champions League Winner, 5 Times German Champion and 3 Times DFB Pokal Winner, younger Brother of Kevin Prince Baoteng, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Cacau Autogramm
Cacau (Claudemir Jerônimo Barreto), retired, German, German Champion 2007, 3rd World Championship 2010, played for 1. FC Nürnberg, VfB Stuttgart and Cerezo Osaka, Autograph by Mail
Autograph John Anthony Brooks Autogramm
John Anthony Brooks, TSG Hoffenheim, former Vfl Wolfsburg former Hertha BSC, US Nationalteam 37 Matches, Autograph by Mail
Steven Zuber Autograph Autogramm
Steven Zuber, AEK Athens, former TSG Hoffenheim, plays for the Swiss National Team, Autograph received by Mail