Autographs on our Pictures

Autograph Sean Burke Autogramm
Sean Burke, General Manager of Team Canada, 858 NHL Games played as Goalie, Twice World Champion, Silver Olympia 1992, Picture Taken Spengler Cup 2017, Autographed Spengler Cup 2018
Niklas Backstrom Autograph Autogramm
Niklas Backstrom, IFK Helsinki, retired, Goalie, Olympic Silver 2006 + Bronze 2010, over 400 NHL Games played, Picture taken during Champions League Game EV Zug vs IFK Helsinki, Autograph by Mail
Henrik Karlsson Autograph Autogramm
Henrik Karlsson, Barys Astana, retired, 26 NHL Games, 181 KLH Games, Keeper for the Swedish Nationalteam, Picture taken at a Spengler Cup Training 2014 when he still played for Jokerit Helisinki, Met in Person 2015 at Spengler Cup

 Anders Lindbäck, Brynäs IF, former Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod, HC Davos, 135 NHL Games played, Bronze Medal World Championship 2010, Picture taken during Training December 2018, Autograph by Mail

Autograph Reto Berra Autogramm
Reto Berra, HC Fribourg Gotteron, 76 NHL Games, won Spengler Cup 2009, NLA Champion 2012, twice Silver World Championship, Picture taken in Rapperswil 2019, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Malvin Nyffeler Autogramm
Melvin Nyffeler, Rapperswil Jona Lakers, 7 Seasons in NLA, twice Swiss Cup Winner, Picture taken during Match against Fribourg Gotteron, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Elvis Merzlikins Autogramm
Elvis Merzlikins, Columbus Blue Jackets, Latvia National Keeper, 7 Season with HC Lugano, twice Swiss Keeper of the Year, Picture taken during Spengler Cup 2015, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Gauthier Descloux Autogramm
Gauthier Descloux, Geneva Servette, Swiss National Team, Picture taken against Finland 18.12.2022, signed in Person 15.2.2023
Autograph Janne Juvonen Autogramm
Janne Juvonen, HC Ambri Piotta, played in SHL, EBEL, KHL with Jokerit, Silver World Championship 2021, Photo taken after winning the Spengler Cup 2022, Autograph by Mail
Renato Tosio Autograph Autogramm
Renato Tosio, retired, 4 times Swiss Champion, played 10 World Championships for Switzerland, played 732 consecutive Games not missing one, Picture taken at Spengler Cup 2017 Kids Day, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Benjamin Conz Autogramm
Benjamin Conz, HC Ambri Piotta, more than 450 NLA Matches played, Picture taken during shootout against HC Davos January 2020, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Daniel Manzato Autogramm
Daniel Manzato, SC Bern, former Servette Geneva, more than 470 NLA Matches, won Spenpler Cup with KaiPa Finland, Autograph by Mail
Florence Schelling Autograph Autogramm
Florence Schelling, retired Swiss National Goalkeeper, Bronze at World Championship 2014, playing in the Legends Game HC Davos against Arosa Spengler Cup 2014, Autograph via Mail
Leonardo Genoni Autograph Autogramm
Leonardo Genoni, EV Zug, former SC Bern+HC Davos, 7 times NLA Champion, Spengler Cup Winner 2007 + 2012, Silver Medal World Championship 2018, Picture taken during a Training Session in 2014 with HC Davos, Autograph via Mail
Tobias Stephan Autograph Autogramm
Tobias Stephan, retired, HC Lausanne, former EV Zug, 11 NHL Games played, Spengler Cup Winner 2013, Picture taken during Training 2014, Autograph by Mail
Gilles Senn Autograph Autogramm
Gilles Senn, HC Davos, former New Jersey Devils/Binghampton Devils played 2 NHL Games, NLA Champion 2015, Picture taken during Training 2015, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Autogramm Joren van Pottelberghe
Joren Van Pottelberghe, EHC Biel, former HC Davos, drafted Detroit Red Wings, played for Linköping HC U18 and U20, Swiss National Team U20, Picture taken during Champions League Match against Billy Tigry Liberec October 2017, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Sandro Aeschlimann Autogramm
Sandro Aeschlimann, HC Davos, won Swiss Cup with EV Zug, Picture taken during Training, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Luca Boltshauser Autogramm
Luca Boltshauser, SCL Tigers, played for Färjestad BK, VIK Västerås HK, ZSC Lions, EHC Kloten, Lausanne HC, Picture taken in Rapperswil against Lausanne HC, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Tim Wolf Autogramm
Tim Wolf, HC Ajoie, won the Swiss League with Ajoie 2021 and EV Kloten 2022 (97.24% saving quote) and plays now NLA, won the Swiss Cup and the Spengler Cup, Picture taken at Spengler Cup Kids Day 2014, Autograph by Mail
Robert Mayer Autograph Autogramm
Robert Mayer, Geneve Servette HC, former HC Davos, AHL Hamilton Bulldogs, Goalie Goal 26.032023, Picture taken when signing Autographs after winning the Spengler Cup 2014 with Geneva in Davos, Autograph by Mail
Lassi Lehtinen Autograph Autogramm
Lassi Lehtinen, Finland, TPS. Liiga Champion 2021, Best Goalkeeper Liiga 2021, Picture taken during Finland Sweden December 2022, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Peyton Jones Autogramm
Peyton Jones, Belfast Giants, Elite Ice Hockey League (EIHL), 5 AHL Games, Picture taken Champions League against HC Davos 2022, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Connor Hughes Autogramm
Connor Hughes, Swiss National Team , Lausanne HC, played for Team Canada at Spengler Cup, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Elien Paupe Autogramm
Elien Paupe, EHC Biel, Picture taken during EV Zug against EHC Biel, 9.2.2022, Autograph by Mail
Eero Kilpelainen Autograph Autogramm
Eero Kilpelainen, Keeper of KaiPa, formerly EVZ 2013/2014 Picture taken at Swiss Ice Hockey Day 2013 in Zug, Autograph by Mail