Carton Autograph William Van Horn
William Van Horn, worked for the Walt Disney Company, mostly draws Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge stories, was involved in Duck Tales too, Cartoon by Mail
Autograph Cartoon Ron Ferdinand Autogramm
Ron Ferdinand, Cartoonist, Original Painting of Dennis and Mr. Wilson, studied at New York School of Visual Arts, draws since 1981 'Dennis' comics, took over the 'Dennis the Menace' Sunday page from the strip's creator Hank Ketchum, Autograph by Mail

Jerry Eisenberg (1937)

worked as Animator, Storyboard Artist and Character Designer for Hanna-Barbera, Marvel, Disney and other Studios, involved with the  Flinstones, the Jetsons, Jonny Quest, Scooby Doo, Wacky Races and others. He draw Fred Flistone and Dino for us! Received by Mail

Autograph John Pomeroy Autogramm
John Pomeroy, worked as Animator, directing Animator and Studio Manager for Walt Disney Company and Don Bluth Production, involved with Winnie the Pooh, Secret of NIMH, the Simpsons Movie, Pocahontas, Atlantis: the lost Empire and others, Cartoon by Mail
Autograph Hy Eisman Autogramm
Hy Eisman (1927), painted Popeye Comic Strips for the Sunday Newspaper, received 1975 the National Cartoonists Society's Award, sketched Popeye for us! Received by Mail
Autograph Marcus Hamilton Autogramm
Marcus Hamilton, paints 'Dennis the Menace' Comic Strips for daily Newspapers, painted over 7000 comic strips, sketched Dennis and Ruff for us! Received by Mail
Autograph Iraj Paran Autogramm
Iraj Paran, worked for Hanna-Barbera as a background artist, art director, and graphics artist, painted Scooby Doo for us! Autograph b Mail
Cartoon Tad Stones Autograph
Tad Stones, US Animator, Screenwriter, Story Board Artist, Producer and Director, worked for The Walt Disney Company 1974-2003, wokrd on Dark Wing Duck, Chip 'n Dale, Darkwing Duck, Aladdin, Atlantis, Buzz Lightyear and Hellboy, Drawing by Mail .

Dan Davies, works for Jim Davis (Garfield), Freelancer for DC Comics, Warner Bros, Bongo Comics Characters like  Batman, Harry Potter, Samurai Jack, the British Avengers (Steed & Mrs. Peel), drew Batman for us!

Autograph Cartoon Chris Renaud Autogramm
Chris Renaud, film producer, director, illustrator, designer, animator, and voice actor, nominated for an Oscar, co-directed with Pierre Coffin Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2, Cartoon by Mail
Autograph Zep Autogramm
Zep, Swiss Cartoonist, draws the Stories of Titeuf, a 10 year old boy struggling with growing up, Zep issued 17 books with Titeuf's adventures, Cartoon by Mail
Autograph Broesel Cartoon
Broesel, German Cartoonist, created 'Werner' 1976, created 5 movies and 11 books with 'Werner' Stories, Cartoon by Mail
Autograph Bill Griffith Autogramm
Bill Griffith, US Cartoonist, created Zippy the Pinhead 1971, Zippy started as daily comic strip 1986, Cartoon by Mail
Autograph Gary Varvel Cartoon
Gary Varvel, Chief Artist for the Indianapolis News for 16 years, Cartoon by Mail

John Howe

He is a Canadian book illustrator best known for his artwork of J.R.R Tolkien's Middle-earth. He was the chief conceptual designer for Peter Jacksons 'Lord of the Rings' movies. Since he lives in Switzerland Swiss Post dedicated him Stamps, which he signed for us in Person 02.09.2023

Cartoon Steve Hicker
Steve Hickner, Animator and Director at DreamWorks Animation, worked on Bee Movie, Who framed Roger Rabbit, Shrek, Madagascar, Cartoon bought
Cartoon Raul Garcia
Raul Garcia, former animator for Disney, worked on Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King, Cartoon bought
Autograph Walter Lantz Autogramm
Walter Lantz 1899-1994, Cartonist and Film Producer, Father of 'Andy Panda' and 'Woody Woodpecker', Autograph bought with COA
Autograph Ted Scapa Autogramm
Ted Scapa (1931-2023), Artist, Cartoonist and Sculpturer, designed Ads, Swatch Watches and a Stamp, well known for his workshops with Kids (had a Kids TV Show), Autograph by Mail