Autograph Marcel Rohner  Autogramm
Marcel Rohner, Bobsleigh, Switzerland, Olympia Silver Nagano 1998, won twice the World Cup, twice Silver World Championships, Silver and Bronze European Championship, 5 Times Swiss Champion, our Picture April 2021, Signed in Person, Thank you Marcel!
Autogramm Hausi Leutenegger Autogramm
Hausi Leutenegger, Bobsleigh + Actor, Switzerland, Gold Olympia 1972, played with Klaus Kinski in the Movie 'Commando Leopard', signed Backside of a Picture, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Ralph Pichler Autogramm
Ralph Pichler, Bobsleigh, Switzerland, World Championship: 2 x Gold, 1 x Silver, 2 x Bronze, European Championship: Gold, Silver and Bronze, Met in Person
Autograph Andre Langen Autogramm
André Langen, Bobsleigh, 4x Olympia Gold + once Silver, 4x World Cup, 7x World Champion, 8x European Champion, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Thomas Lamparter Autogramm
Thomas Lamparter, Bobsleigh, Switzerland, Bronze Olympia 2006, World Champion 2007, Autograph by Mail
Autogramm Erich Schärer Autograph
Erich Schärer, Bächli, Marti, Joseph Benz (1944-2021), Bobsleigh Switzerland, Crew won Olympia Silver 1980, Erich and Joseph won Olympia Gold 1980 too, Autographs bought
Autograph Martin Fourcade Autogramm
Martin Fourcade, France, retired, Biathlon, five-time Olympic champion, 11 times World Champion, 7 times winner of the Overall World Cup, Autograph bought at his Store
Autograph Selina Gasparin Autogramm
Selina Gasparin, Swiss, retired Biathlon, Olympia Silver 2014, 9 times Swiss Champion, won 2 Worldcup Races, Autograph by Mail
Simon Ammann Switzerland, Ski Jump, 4 times  Olympia Gold (twice Salt Lake City, twice Vancouver), Autograph by Mail
Simon Ammann Switzerland, Ski Jump, 4 times Olympia Gold (twice Salt Lake City, twice Vancouver), Autograph by Mail
Autograph Stephan Lambiel Autogramm
Stephan Lambiel Swiss Figure Skater, 2005 + 2006 Worldchampion, 2006 Olympia Silver, won the Grand Prix Finals twice, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Günther Meinel Autogramm
Günter Meinel, GDR, Nordic Combination, Backup at Olympia 1964, 6th GDR Champioship 1964 for SC Dynamo Klingenthal, 2nd German Championship 1963, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Katarina Witt Autogramm
Katarina Witt, Figure Skater, retired, started for East Germany (1977-1988) and for Germany (1994), twice Olympic Gold, 4 times World Champion, Autograph by Mail
Autograph Jeanette Altweg Autogramm
Jeannette Altwegg (1930-2021), Figure Skater, Olympic Bronze Medal 1948, Gold Medal 1952, World Champion 1951, lived most of her Life in Switzerland, Autograph bought
Autograph Wendel Tschümperlin Autogramm
Wendel Tschümperlin, Skibob, World Champion Downhill and Giant Slalom 1985, Autograph given to my Grandfather